Greek Sailing Odyssey Day 2: Corinth - Aegina by Honza Cervenka

Woke up at 9am--a little better than the shamefully late start yesterday--and then Maurizio and I went back to town briefly to buy a loaf of bread.  We sailed off at about 9:40 and headed for the Corinth Canal, which was a little complicated.

You see, the canal allows ships to pass in only one direction at a time; if it happens to be closed in the direction that you want to go, you have to wait for the ships to pass one way before the direction changes.  The canal control also requires ships to gather in convoys--if you miss your convoy you could end up waiting for another one for a few hours.  A passage through the canal takes about 45 minutes and Maurizio tells me the channel radio control people are notorious for telling ships to move faster and faster.

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