Greek Sailing Odyssey Day 9: Mykonos - Delos - Ikaria by Honza Cervenka

So this was quite eventful!  My dad and I woke up early, at around 7:40, in order to catch the first ferry ferry to Delos (cost €17 return).  Now why do people with a sailboat need a ferry to get to an island?  Because the authorities decided to declare Delos a no-mooring zone, probably due to the fact that the entire island is basically an archeological site--it used to be a mighty island! Legend has it that Leto, a titaness and a mistress to Zeus, was pregnant with Apollo and Artemis, but Herq, Zeus's wife, cursed Leto and said that she could give birth nowhere on Earth. Leto prayed to Zeus, who intervened and requested Poseidon to anchor Delos, which used to be a wandering underwater island, with chains and bring it above the water. Finally, Leto was able to birth Artemis and Apollo, the God of Sun.  And sun there was!  There was only one tree on the whole island--a tree where, according to same legend, the anointed birth happened.

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