Greek Sailing Odyssey Day 19: Anafi - Santorini by Honza Cervenka

Today was a big day.  We set course for the legendary Samtorini, also known as Thira.  Both the sea and the wind continued to be rough and virtually the entire journey was against the wind. Lisa and Maurizio steered the whole way voluntarily, they knew we were on treacherous grounds (sea, really).  We had lots of what we began to call "salty showers" from waves breaking on board for the first half of the trip, luckily Neptune showed a bit more mercy in the second half of the journey.  We originally intended to moor in the harbour on the southern tip of Santorini, but the wind was too strong for us to find good shelter there and the harbour was overcrowded anyway.  So, instead we decided to go a bit further west, find a sheltered bay, swim and wait for the wind to calm down and then assess our options.  We shall see what happens!

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