Greek Sailing Odyssey Map / by Honza Cervenka

So having a map kinda defeats the whole purpose of having an Odyssey, I suppose, but at least you can now track the journey post-fact.  It is an embedded Google map, so you can zoom in and out and move left, right, up, down and just do basically whatever you want.  

Galaxidi, which was the starting point of my sailing journey and subject of a post a few days ago, if the top-left pin on the map.  The journey then proceeded to the east with each pin representing the end of our sail every day.  

As you tinker around, you will see that our path was often zig-zagged:  that's because we were sailing against the wind and zig-zagging is the only way to achieve that.  Some day I will write a post about some basic sailing techniques and how they show up on the map.  

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